4 Reckon Features to Save You Time


If you are paying good money to use a well-known accounting system then you may as well make the most of it. If you aren’t using these features then it is worth making yourself a cuppa, starting up Reckon and setting up one or more of the following.

Emailing invoices
Save yourself postage, paper, envelopes and having to stop at the letterbox on the way home. Every time you get a new customer, ask them how they would prefer to receive their invoices. I have found that about 90% of customers request emailed invoices.

  • Ensure you have the correct email address in the customer’s email field.
  • Tick the Email box down the bottom – Save & Close (or Save & New)
  • Select FILE – EMAIL
  • Just like printing invoices, you can wait until you have created all your invoices, then send them off all at once in a batch.

Memorised transactions
These are particularly useful when you have loan repayments automatically coming out of your bank account at set intervals, for example on the first day of the month. When you go to reconcile your bank account, the transaction will already be sitting there to match up.

  • Enter the transaction, for example Write Cheque
  • Select EDIT – MEMORISE
  • Give the transaction a relevant name
  • Complete details as required
  • OK
  • Select CLEAR if you don’t want this transaction to go through today

Bank feeds
In my previous post 4 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes I mentioned that regular bank account reconciliations were a must-do. If you are using a cloud based accounting package then this feature will reduce time spent on manual data entry, reduce the risk of errors and reduce the time taken to do reconciliations – the transactions are fed directly from your bank to Reckon Accounts. Not everyone is comfortable with cloud based accounting solutions and this is another whole topic in itself. Don’t forget to do a back-up just before setting this up.

These are a couple of the useful ones, but there are many more if you want to be super-efficient.
CTRL + A  Chart of Accounts
CTRL + F  Find
CTRL + W Write Cheques
CTRL + I   Create Invoices
CTRL + P  Print
T               Today’s date
A handy idea is to print out and laminate the ones you use most and attach it to your keyboard or monitor until you have memorised them. Don’t have it too far from your computer or you won’t bother referring to it. You could print them out for your employees or co-workers as well.

What time saving features of Reckon or Quickbooks have you find indespensable?



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