So I attended a training workshop yesterday

Adults in trainingIn the morning I tell myself to just be cool and relax – enjoy the opportunity to be out and about rather than at work doing my usual thing. Lunch and snacks were included, which is always nice!

Of course I didn’t really relax as I was focusing so hard and trying to retain all the new information and make extra notes. Making sure I didn’t miss an opportunity to ask questions along the way. Never mind…that’s just the nerd in me. Maybe next time I will relax more!

But really the point of my post is to remind everyone of the importance of attending training. Here are some of my top reasons:

Knowledge is power
I enjoy study – whether it be classroom based, online, webinars, reading books or blogs. Even if study wasn’t your thing when you were younger you now have so many opportunities to extend your skills and don’t have to face assessments or assignments if you don’t want to. Day workshops such as the one I attended yesterday are a great opportunity to take your business to the next level or to give yourself that extra bit of confidence to take the next step in your business or career. If your workplace aren’t willing to pay for your course then still be sure to let them know you are taking the initiative to further your skills and knowledge on your own, which will no doubt benefit them as well.

Challenging yourself
It is easy to stay in your comfort zone as you go about your day to day work. But if you want to progress in your work or business life then inevitably you will have to start taking on little challenges. You may do your job really well and the thought of having to be taught something new can make people feel a little uncomfortable and worried that they will say or do something silly. However the fact that you have acknowledged there is plenty more out there to learn and you don’t know everything can be liberating!

Motivation and Inspiration
If you are a freelancer, work from home or are a solo business owner you may spend a lot of your time without the company of others around you. When times get tough and you are wondering whether you would be better off just clocking in and out of a 9-5 “regular” job it can be hard to keep that motivation going. Just the act of getting out and amongst other people with similar interests to you can spur you on and help bring back the spark. Lunch breaks give you a great opportunity to talk to new people…you can make new business contacts, discuss problems you are facing or share things that work well for you. Often the trainers have many years of experience in their field and their enthusiasm for their subject alone can have you walking out the door brimming with new ideas and motivation.

So I hope I have convinced you to book that workshop you have been thinking about, or signing up for that new online course.

Happy bookkeeping…



  1. That’s true about the action plan – I’m increasing my networking commitments, but it won’t mean much if I don’t follow up on the ideas or with the people! Being an introvert who likes learning means I enjoy workshops and informational sessions much more than mixers.

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    1. I’m also increasing my networking commitments this year & had an event during the week with other bookkeepers. Excited to be amongst peers and to be building my support network – but something that I have to remind myself to relax at! Importantly I remembered to follow up afterwards. Good luck with your networking efforts this year.

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      1. Thank you! I’m making myself go to one this morning – I know it can be valuable, but the time outlay is so incredible at the beginning. If someone figured out how to make the things work by knowing which events would bear fruit and which are just pretty duds, they’d probably be a millionaire!

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  2. Recently I attended a ½-day workshop that was really stimulating, so I can relate strongly to your post. (I work from home, and my colleagues are mostly overseas, so I only get to speak with them on the phone or online.)

    In hindsight, I realised I didn’t learn that much in the class, but it was run in such a hands-on way that it still gave me a big buzz! We were in tables of 8, so it was a great way to hear from and work closely with other people.

    I’ve been to a few Meetups, too. They can be really good for connecting with people in your field, who live in the same city.

    So thanks for the encouragement, and I heartily agree!

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