9 Rights You Have as an Employee

9 rights you have as an employee

There are certain procedures and conditions an employer must have in place for their employees in Australia.

Don’t be afraid to ask your employer for any of these things if they aren’t currently being provided – it may be the case that your employer didn’t know themselves.

  • Payslips – must be provided to you within 1 working day of being paid, even if you are on leave.
  • Holiday and personal leave balances – must be provided to you if you request it.
  • Superannuation – has to be paid into your nominated super fund at least every 3 months.
  • Deductions – if you are under 18 your employer cannot deduct money from your pay unless your parent/guardian has agreed in writing.
  • Jury duty – your employer must give you leave to attend jury selection and jury duty (called community service leave). This includes casual employees. You must give your employer reasonable notice of the leave and, if they ask for it, evidence of the need to attend the community service.
  • Payment Summaries – must be provided to you by 14th July, even if no tax was withheld from your pay.
  • Fair work information statement – must be provided to you before, or as soon as possible after, you begin employment.
  • Extra tax – if you want your employer to deduct extra PAYG withholding tax from your pay then you must both agree in writing.
  • Tax File Number declaration form – must be provided to you when you begin employment, and your employer must submit the completed form to ATO within 14 days of your start date.

These are just some of the rights you have as an employee, but there are a few more that are useful to know. These can be found on the Australian Government’s Fair Work website and the ATO website.

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