Sarina Abbott Festival Bookkeeping

My name is Sarina.


A bit about my blog

My blog is dedicated to all things bookkeeping. From small business to non-profits and everything in between.

I love that the blogging community are willing to share free information and insights and that is what you will find on this site.  I’m sure you will find something here that you can put to good use.

If you are in small business you may want to start here:

4 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

If you are involved with non-profits you may want to start here:

Not-for-Profits – 6 Ways Your Bookkeeping Differs from other Organisations

A bit about me

I have an Advanced Diploma in Accounting, am a registered BAS agent and a Silver Level Xero Adviser.  I started my bookkeeping firm Festival Bookkeeping in September 2015.

I get great satisfaction out of finding better ways to do all things finance related and in keeping on top of changes in the industry.  I admit it – I am a bookkeeping nerd!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts – please feel free to add your input via Comments or Share any posts you think someone else may find useful. Don’t forget to Like posts that you have enjoyed reading, so that I can continue to provide helpful information on those topics.

You can also find me on:

Website:     Festival Bookkeeping
Facebook:  Festival Bookkeeping
Instagram:  Festival Bookkeeping

Happy reading…


  1. Your blog was really interesting. Maybe because we speak the same language “bookkeeping”. :-). I think you should add at least contact info like email address etc. in your about page.

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  2. Hi Sarina, Thank you for stopping by my blog! I have been reading your posts. They are very practical and valuable. And having recently followed a tax course your blog has again reminded of the importance to (a) keep records (b) keep them up to date – also reminding my neighbour (who is an Uber driver) to register and keep his records for tax purposes. Keep posting! Cheers. Kris

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  3. Hello and thank you for the visit. The new Bank/Union appointed Administrator has moved to reassure the community by saying that he has the workforce and the welfare of the town as his foremost concern. I hope the Robber Barons (Banks) share his concerns. Things are a mess and although the immediate workforce are safe for the moment, not so great for many of the contractors – some of whom are owed a lot of money. No doubt, since you have family here, they will have more up to date information.

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